James P. Stuckey Offers Teens a Bright Future After Domestic Violence

James P. Stuckey | April, 04, 2012 | by 0 Comments

Real estate developer James P. Stuckey and his wife have created a scholarship fund for New York teens participating in the Center Against Domestic Violence prevention program.

In 2007, James P. Stuckey and his wife, Deborah, created the Deborah M. Stuckey Family Scholarship Fund. The scholarship is sanctioned for teens who participate in the Center Against Domestic Violence Relationship Abuse Prevention Program, or RAPP. RAPP is a program created by the Center to educate New York City’s youth on how to recognize signs of domestic violence, says James P. Stuckey. Additionally, the group offers support to teens that are trying to get out of an abusive relationship, adds James P. Stuckey.

James P. Stuckey and his family have supported the program for many years and were pleased to present the first ever Deborah M. Stuckey scholarship to a young lady named Jovan. Jovan had been involved in a relationship that eventually turned abusive and threatening. James P. Stuckey says that the RAPP Program at her school gave Jovan the courage to leave the relationship and enroll in college. But when Jovan was accepted to the University of Delaware’s summer education program, she was unsure how she would pay for her tuition, explains James P. Stuckey. Fortunately, because she excelled in the program and became a peer leader in the RAPP group, she stood out to Center management and was nominated and chosen as the first teen to benefit from the scholarship funds, explains James P. Stuckey.

James P. Stuckey is pleased to report that Jovan is a straight A student at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she is a junior. She plans to finish college and move on to graduate school where she hopes to obtain a Master’s in Social Work. James P. Stuckey also says that Jovan has already made plans to return to the center and serve as a RAPP coordinator.

The second scholarship recipient was a young woman named Cristina, reports James P. Stuckey. Cristina has become an inspiration to other students, having overcome major obstacles in her life including homelessness and poverty, says James P. Stuckey. Cristina came from a tumultuous family where education was not a priority and she was not encouraged to complete high school, according to James P. Stuckey. The funds from the scholarship gave this promising young woman the encouragement she needed to enroll in college. She is currently a student at LaGuardia Community College in New York City.

The most recent Deborah M. Stuckey Family Scholarship recipient, Amanda, vowed she would never become a statistic. Amanda grew up in an abusive and violent home. Because of this, James P. Stuckey says that Amanda promised herself that she would never continue a relationship that turned violent. Unfortunately, this was easier said than done, and her first boyfriend was both physically and emotionally abusive, relates James P. Stuckey.

Amanda, understanding she had a problem, approached the RAPP Coordinator at her high school and learned how to foster healthy relationships with her peers as well as her own family, reports James P. Stuckey. Her grades improved and she was awarded a small scholarship to Penn State. The Deborah M. Stuckey scholarship was the extra financial help she needed to ensure that she would be able to attend the college’s pre-med program.

James P. Stuckey is a real estate developer and the founder of Verdant Properties, LLC®. Along with his wife and children, James P. Stuckey enjoys traveling, photography, and giving back to the community that has been his home for over three decades.

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